Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor

Most of us know that regular exercise and good nutrition are important for us to be fit, healthy and happy. However, we all have many other pressures in our lives that take our energy, focus and most importantly…time.

» Working with a Personal Trainer provides the support and structure required to ensure that you are regularly focused on your health and well-being and this partnership makes a huge difference to the sorts of goals you can achieve.


» Karen trains the majority of clients from her Studio based in Over Norton (near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire), however, there are certain clients which she trains from home when travelling to the Studio isn’t logistically possible. All clients receive a personalised home programme on their first session so that they can maintain their training at home in between sessions.


» So whatever your needs may be, Karen’s Personal Training programmes can always be tailored to suit you.

Rates  All sessions last one hour.
Please call if you would like to discuss alternative session times.

From the studio
One to one – £45
Two to one –

From your home (within Oxfordshire)
One to one – £55
Two to one –
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